Advertise on Buzzer

It’s simple! All adverts are a standard 400 x 100 pixel banner.

Adverts are allocated evenly across the Buzzer app to ensure maximum exposure for each of our partners.

Your advert will be shown in all three of these spots:

1. On the Alerts summary screen

2. On the Broadcast summary screen

3. At the bottom of an actual alert*

There are only 10 advertising slots! No clutter. Great exposure.

Each advert can be clicked by users to go directly to your website or an address of your choice.

* Note that the advert will only appear at the bottom of an alert once the incident has been closed. This is to ensure there is no confusion or risk of hitting the wrong button for users during their time of need. A large majority of users still follow alerts once they’ve been resolved to see what happened. People like to know what’s happening in their area 😉
  • Reach high-income customers across Cape Town and South Africa
  • Align your brand with a trusted partners that are purpose driven and truly helping communities. Buzzer only works with brands that share values of creating stronger and safer communities

  • Stand out! No advertising clutter and lots of impressions

  • It’s super easy! We can do it all for you, including the design work

  • It’s the cheapest and simplest advertising solution around. Lowest cost per impression and no production costs. Plus we do all the work for you, including the design

Fill out the below form to with what you’re needs and we’ll get intouch with you to provide you with our rate card.

Alert History Placement

Alert History

This is the section where Buzzer users in your area can find a list of all incidents previously report on Buzzer.

Broadcast History Placement

Broadcast History

Broadcast messages are used to inform an entire community, or multiple communities, of something that may affect the residents.

Alert Screen Placement

Alert Screen

Once an incident has been resolved, an ad will appear at the bottom of the screen. It will not show during an active incident.