Advertise on Buzzer

You can choose between placement on the Alert History Page and Broadcast History Page.

The Broadcast History page is accessed more frequently than the Alert History page, with a potential reach of 150 000 people for one Broadcast Message.

We offer two different packages for advertising based on the primary suburb/geographical area in which you would like your advert to appear. You can also opt to advertise in multiple areas, as well as having your advert appear in both Broadcast and Alert histories.

Advertising can only be shown to suburbs or groups that have been activated by that community signing up for a monthly contract with us.

Alert History Placement

Alert History

This is the section where Buzzer users in your area can find a list of all incidents previously report on Buzzer.

Broadcast History Placement

Broadcast History

Broadcast messages are used to inform an entire community, or multiple communities, of something that may affect the residents.