Flexible Pricing Plans

Designed to suit your budget

Benefits of a Paid Package

Paid Packages allow communities to integrate the Buzzer App with an existing community response team, or a professional responder, such as private security, where alerts can be managed by a dedicated control room. We offer a variety of options based on the size of your community, features and whether you want to set this up as a general community or an exclusive community.

In addition to this you can opt between General Community and an Exclusive Community for even greater community benefits.

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Choose your Community Type

General Community


Setting up a General Community means that Buzzer will work within a designated area, such as a suburb or gated community. Anyone coming into that defined area who has Buzzer installed on their phone will be able to send and receive alerts.

This is a great option for Neighbourhood Watches or Community Safety Organisations who have a control room or dedicated team of responders who will be happy to assist anyone who needs help.

Buzzer Users can choose upgrade their personal app to Premium Lite or Premium Plus through Website or App Store

Exclusive Community


The Exclusive Community allows you to limit access to a defined group of users. When linked to a Control Room or Dedicated Responders they will only receive alerts from a pre-defined group of users.

This option can be used for organisations which want limit acces to their members such Armed Response companies, running, biking or hiking clubs, and Embassies.

Users can upgrade their personal app to Premium Plus through Website or App store

  Basic Premium Lite Premium Plus Premium Ultra Gold
Area (based on number of households) 200-500 500-2000 2000-5000 5000-10000 10000+
Incident history  
Broadcast function
Organisational Admins 3 5 8 Unlimited Unlimited
Organisational Responders 15 30 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
User management
Medical history
Button integration    
Category linking    
Multiple alerts
Live Chat
Number of control panels 1 3 4 5 Unlimited
General Community – set up cost (once-off fee) R 999 R 1 999 R 2 999 R 3 999 R 4 999
General Community Monthly Subscription R 999 R 2 250 R 3 750 R 4 999 R 8 249
Exclusive Community – set up cost (once-off fee) R 2999 R 4 250 R 6 249 R 8 999 chat to us
Exclusive Community Monthly Subscription R2999 R 6 150 R 13 500 R 24 499 chat to us


For example: If you have between 200-500 potential users you would select the “Buzzer Basic Package”.

Your first month you will pay R999 setup fee + R999 monthly subscription, every month thereafter will be R999.