Buzzer Community Organisations

Professional Control Panel for Emergency Responders

Organisations (control panel)

Buzzer was created by experts in the security industry to facilitate seamless and organised coordination between control rooms, on-the-ground responders, public services and residents for private and public spaces.

A control panel was developed specifically for use by organisations to respond to calls for help by residents, and coordinate rapid response across multiple organisations.

  • Build brand goodwill in their neighbourhoods (for increased sales)

  • Speak directly to the communities they serve

  • Improve response time, reduce wasteful callouts, and collaborate more effectively in emergencies

  • See what’s happening outside of their organisation in their neighbourhood

  • Take a proactive approach to fighting crime

Organisations that use Buzzer:

Package Type Neighbourhood Suburb City
Area coverage (number of households) 0 – 1999 2 000 – 9 999 10 000+
Number of control panels (separate control rooms) 1 3 Unlimited
Organisational Admins 3 10 Unlimited
Organisational Responders 15 50 Unlimited
In-app advertising worth >R2,000pm Yes Yes Yes
Reporting Hub*1 Yes Yes
Repeat Offender*2 Yes
Price per month R2,250 R4,999 R9,999
* Additional once-off fee equivalent to 1 month for setup and training

* Exclusive communities available on request

* If you are a community service organization wanting to make your area safer (e.g. neighbourhood watch, CID, etc,), apply here for our reduced price community package.

* Advertising is localised to your area of coverage

Included in all packages:

  • Unlimited number of broadcasts to your areas, to send out public announcements and establish your company as a leading service provider in your communities

  • Live chat between the alerter, responders and followers (includes images, voice notes, contact details, etc.)

  • Live location tracking for responders and alerters

  • Mobile app for on-the-ground responders with special features not available to the public

  • Customer medical information for appropriate treatment on scene

  • Incident history

  • Admin and user management dashboard

  • Monthly reports

If you a re a community service organisation wanting to make your area safer (e.g. neighbourhood watch, CID, etc.) and don’t have the funding to pay for the control panel, send a short email to to apply for our community package