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How Buzzer works

Use Buzzer Anywhere

Buzzer will allow you to set your home and work location, so that you can send and receive alerts at either location.

When you enter any area where Buzzer is active, you can find help by reporting incidents or sending an SOS alert. The Buzzer community in the local area can then respond and assist you.

Buzzer is being used in more and more communities across South Africa. Pleasce visit our Facebook Page for more information.

Buzzer is easy to use

Users can get help in an emergency by pushing and holding the SOS button. No need to remember the right number, or even try and explain your situation while adrenaline levels are high. If your community is connected to professional responders, they will already be en route the moment your SOS is received.

In situations where it isn’t an immediate emergency, users also have the option to report and incident to give more information about the situation.

Here are some of the options:

  • Suspicious – this can be related to activity, people or vehicles that need to be investigated
  • Fire – report smoke or fire coming from a home or green area
  • Municpal – alert your community and responders to burst water pipes, damage to roads, broken street lights etc
  • Crime – report incidents related to criminal activity such as theft out of a motor vehicle
  • Medical – get medical help by sending out an alert to your community. This can allow first aiders near you to provide help until paramedics arrive
  • Traffic – alert your community to traffic accidents or interruptions

  • Wildlife – report snakes or baboons in the area and get help to safely remove them from your property
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